Abdominoplasty is a very common procedure, with which the surgeon addresses the problem of sagging skin in the area of the abdomen.

Koilioplastiki Before and After
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The reasons for the sagging skin are mainly two:

During abdominoplasty, excess skin and fat from the abdomen is removed and the underlying muscles are pulled back. Thus, after the surgery the abdomen is smooth and flat, while the waist becomes thinner.

The incisions, and hence the scars after healing, are made in that way that are easy to be covered by the underwear or the swimsuit.

There is no pain after the surgery. The patient stays for one night at the clinic. On the first post-operative day, he is discharged. For a month, an abdominal belt should be worn and should only be taken off in the shower. This belt contributes to faster recovery and treatment of swelling and bruising.

The patient can return to work after a week and to his sport activities after a month.